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Global Secure Network ensures reliable, secure and unified way of communication and assures smooth data transfer among remote installations, public and private clouds, customers, end point infrastructure and sensors.

K-GSN is a key building block in KDI’s Digital Platform which uses two-factor user authentication, segregation, encryption, and certification with private using digital ID, node, and user management. The network is integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud service which results in more flexible, productive, faster and cost-effective.

Detailed description

The network is designed to interconnect controlled support and data centres of KONGSBERG, and nodes owned by customers of KONGSBERG.

Internet as carrier

Internet is the primary carrier for web sites and it is cost-effective than other leased lines.


The network design is scalable up to 50 000 logically separated networks and more than 30 000 nodes within the KONGSBERG global IP addressing plan. In addition, close to 25 000 nodes with private IP addressing plan can be deployed within this design.

Customer separation

A common network infrastructure carries all the communications. This solution provides reliable, secure, separation method for each customer communication through the network.

High-level Design

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Securing Internet of Things

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