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What is IoT?

What can you achieve with Kognifai IoT Platform?

Part and parcel of Kognifai IoT platform

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Internet of things (IoT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable them to collect and exchange data.

IoT Platform forms a base for development of scalable IoT applications and services that connects the real and virtual world between those physical devices, systems and people. Kognifai IoT platform includes software running at the edge, integrating the edge systems with the cloud, and also the tools in the cloud required to securely manage your edge installations in a safe and secure manner.

What can you achieve with Kognifai IoT Platform?

Kognifai IoT platform enables you to:

  • Connect to a wide variety of source systems

    • Support for a growing number of source system protocols such as for example OPC DA, OPC UA, Modbus TCP, NMEA and so on.
    • Connector SDK is available for the clients to build their own Connectors for proprietary source systems.
  • Remotely configure & upgrade the Kognifai Edge system in a safe and secure manner

  • Manage a fleet of Edge installations from the cloud in an efficient manner

  • Transport data to and from the cloud in a reliable manner

  • Buffer data locally at the Edge when the internet connection is down

  • Stream data into your cloud applications

  • Make data available for processing in cloud analytics applications

  • Use the data from the edge directly in your on-premise applications via the API's exposed by the Kognifai cloud solutions

  • Monitor edge installations for intrusion attempts

  • Deploy storage, calculation, and presentation capabilities at the Edge

    • it is possible to deploy both the storage and presentation tools in the cloud and at the Edge
  • Reduce bandwidth usage between edge locations and cloud due to the very efficient data compression methods used by the Kognifai IoT Platform.

Part and Parcel of Kognifai IoT platform

The Kognifai IoT platform is comprised of the following parts:

Edge gateway

Edge gateway connects the edge devices with the cloud and transfers your data securely to the cloud. If the internet connection is unavailable, the Edge gateway buffers data locally, and retransmits once the internet connection is reestablished. The Edge gateway comes with a set of integrated connectors which can be used to connect the common protocols such as OPC DA and OPC U/A. The Edge gateway hosts endpoints to which third parties can send data (which they want to sent to the cloud). A connector SDK is also available for clients to write custom connectors which send data to the Edge gateway.

IoT connectors

Kognifai Edge gateway comes with a set of integrated connectors to connect to the common source systems. In addition, it is possible to build your own device connectors using the Kognifai Connector SDK.

Reliable and secure transport

Kognifai Edge gateway encrypts data and sends the data and all communications to the cloud in a secure manner. The Edge gateway solution buffers data whenever the internet connection is uavailable and retransmits the data once the internet connection is reestablished.


This is the layer in which the IoT data is stored and retrieved.

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