The Dynamic Digital Twin couples safety assurance with rapid prototyping and implementation, and links offshore production with onshore operations. The integration of various systems and work layers allows for enhanced collaboration across disciplines. The Dynamic Digital Twin is also an enabler of autonomous, unmanned and remotely operated assets offshore, onshore, in the air and in space.‚Äč

This is a KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin:

  • A digital twin in its simplest form visualizes an asset or a process.
  • Adding data about the asset or process gives the operator a digital twin for information and documentation.
  • Adding data in real time and high-fidelity models gives the operator a Dynamic Digital Twin for planning, operation and maintenance.
  • Adding machine learning algorithms will increase efficiency across processes, and allow for simulator testing of various outcomes before implementation in production. This gives the operator a dynamic digital twin that increases automation of an entire multidimensional asset including its processes.
  • Closing the loop with the automation system gives the operator a dynamic digital twin that enables higher levels of autonomy.

Benefits of using KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin:

  • The dynamic digital twin will increase visibility and insight across disciplines and value chains and allow all parts of the organization to gain access to relevant information. Using one common tool, the KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin, will improve organizational productivity.
  • The KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin allows real time virtual monitoring of all layers and parts of the asset, and all processes. This enables increased insight, productivity and work safety.
  • The KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin is easily accessible to all asset stakeholders onshore and offshore, across disciplines and organizational levels, on all devices, updated with the latest data and information. The number of users for a typical simulator solution is typically 5-10, while hundreds will use the Dynamic Digital Twin as their most important tool.
  • Predictive diagnostics. Combining historical and real-time data with 98 % accurate physics simulators enables the KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin to do predictive diagnostics. The Dynamic Digital Twin will be able to give early diagnoses of any developing faults – which means it can predict possible failures and prevent downtime.
  • The KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin is the only solution that represents the actual, modelled and predicted state of all parts of a physical asset. This allows for comprehensive and accurate virtual optimization testing on the Digital Twin before implementation on the physical asset.
  • The KONGSBERG Dynamic Digital Twin will enable remote operations and autonomy.

Key benefits commissioning and ramp-up:

  • Save time in commissioning.
  • Create virtual scenario for first oil and speed up time to first oil.
  • Enable safer and quicker ramp up and a more efficient integration of phase 2.

Key benefits in operations and maintenance:

  • Common and comprehensive situational understanding.
  • Safer operations and risk reduction through scenario testing before implementation.
  • Change management validation tool, do continual testing on the virtual asset to see how changes affect the physical asset and processes.
  • Reach PE goal, through reduced down-time and increased production rates.
  • Identify maximum production performance potential.
  • Increased equipment lifetime, enable less energy consumptionand less emissions
  • Automatic data driven optimization testing.