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Collecting and sharing data from the vessels is the basis for your digital transformation. Recent advancements in sensor and VSAT technology have opened up new opportunities for collecting data onboard and connecting the ships closer to the office onshore. Vessel information can be shared in real-time, which allows improved decision-making in the offices and onboard, and opens new possibilities for onshore support during emergency situations. Connectivity has also been identified as a main driver in increasing crew welfare, security and paves the way for more remote operations and unlocking significant cost saving potentials.

Optimize decision making onboard and ashore

Take workload of crew

Increased safety and welfare onboard

Asset 261

Unlock substantial cost saving potential

Explore applications for connectivity

Vessel Insight

Vessel Insight

by Kongsberg Digital AS

Start your digital transformation with the Vessel Insight ship-to-cloud data infrastructure, enabling applications on the Kognifai Marketplace.

KVH Watch

KVH Watch

by KVH Industries

IoT Connectivity as a Service enabling secure, 24/7/365 data connections and real-time intervention for Vessel Insight.



by Scandinavian Reach Technologies AS

Safety and efficiency for personnel onboard control.