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Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to keep your vessel in business. Digitalization and the advancements in sensors have opened up opportunities for condition-based maintenance and digital monitoring which can lead to an optimized maintenance regime onboard. It enables you to do proactive maintenance at optimal time, save repair and maintenance costs and optimize resource allocation onboard. By using one or more of the applications listed below, you can improve your maintenance processes and reduce the risk of costly operational downtime.

Avoid operational down-time

Asset 261

Reduce OPEX costs

Optimize resource allocation & processes

Asset 237

Extend asset lifetime

Explore applications for maintenance



by ioCurrents

AI-based Predictive Maintenance, Condition-Based Maintenance, and onboard Energy Efficiency Optimization.



by Vesselman

Simplify your management of technical projects such as dry-dockings and refits.

Digital Paint Report (DPR)© app

Digital Paint Report (DPR)© app

by SteelCorr

Corrosion monitoring & Paint maintenance powered by Artificial Intelligence.