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ABS My Digital Fleet

by ABS

ABS My Digital Fleet™ is the only customizable risk management platform that seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks.

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Why choose this solution

Unified Platform

  • Connect disparate data sources and standalone apps
  • Surface AI-driven, actionable insights
  • Gain full visibility into fleets’ health and performance

Voyage Optimization

  • Drive decarbonization goals
  • Capitalize on fuel savings opportunities
  • Optimize route in real-time to boost voyage economics

Asset Risk Management

  • Determine operational risk drivers configurable to owner, operator, and charterer view
  • Run proactive campaigns to improve asset availability
  • Benchmark against global fleet



My Dashboard

  • Integrated vessel risk model driven by ABS My Digital Fleet™ features and external data sources.
  • Operational risk rating calculated from customized risk drivers.
  • Clear visual using standard RAG colors to indicate fleet condition.
  • Destination risk rating driven by security, weather and compliance insights.

Voyage Planning and Tracking

  • Vessel route and speed optimization to lower fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Dynamic route guidance to maintain vessels on most optimum route throughout the voyage.
  • Tracking of CO2, SOx, and NOx emissions and voyage EEOI target deviation.

Vessel Performance Monitor

  • Measure performance changes over time or the increase in added resistance.
  • Determine the optimal time for hull cleaning and propeller polishing.
  • Visualize consumption trends and deviations to identify potential fuel savings opportunities.

Environmental Monitor

  • CII and EEXI fleet tracking and compliance outlook.
  • Data sharing with ABS EU MRV / IMO DCS verification service and application.
  • E-log integration, including ABS Nautical Systems e-logs.
  • Easy report generation for reporting to various stakeholders.

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