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Benchmark IMO Environmental

by Marine Benchmark

Vessel specific estimates of key IMO metrics, including the EEDI, EEXI and CII, across the Tanker and Bulker fleets. The application provides an indication of vessel compliance, compliance pathways as well as level-playing-field comparisons against both contemporary vessels and the wider fleet.

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Evaluate estimated 2023 EEXI and CII compliance for specific vessels based on IMO regulations and data sourced from the IMO’s official data source, IHS Markit


Compare design and operational vessel compliance relative to contemporary vessels and the wider fleet on a level-playing-field basis


Undertake what-if analysis and evaluate compliance pathways, including EPL estimates, to better understand the operational implications of the IMO carbon intensity regulations



EEDI / EEXI Estimate

IMO design metric estimates are plotted for the specific vessel along with contemporary vessels and the wider fleet, providing visual feedback of vessel performance.

EEXI Compliance

If EEXI compliance involves an overridable Engine Power Limitation (oEPL) the vessel’s service speed is likely to be reduced. Comparing current and EEXI compliant service speeds against the actual speed profile provides a visual assessment of how operations may be affected.


The Annual Efficiency Ratio has been adopted by the IMO as the operational Carbon Intensity Indicator. Using vessel specifications and AIS data, Marine Benchmark has calculated each vessel’s CII from 2015 onward, with performance visualised alongside contemporary vessels.

EEDI, EEXI and Required EEXI

Marine Benchmark’s IMO Environmental tool provides quick access to actual EEDI data (where available), plus EEXI estimates and 2023 compliance requirements. Key inputs, such as the main engine power and service speed, can be customised where needed to ensure accurate compliance analysis.


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