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Bluewater Optimum Speed Services

by Blue Water Trade Winds Private Limited

 Complete voyage optimization and voyage management system using a weather-indexed algorithm – just a click away! 

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Advanced weather-indexed algorithm for weather routing and speed scheduling

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Quick decision-making tools for selecting most optimal speed/ETA in the given market conditions and fuel prices


Alerts through man-machine combination along with dedicated 24/7 Monitoring Desk for handling queries





MIRROR is a smart noon reporting system that automates and streamlines data flow into BOSS. It is designed to ensure error-free and accelerated ship reporting and logging using a standalone vessel-specific HTML file. It utilized multiple forms like Noon, Departure, Arrival Reports, bunkering, delays and Statement of Facts (SOF). The system is equipped with strong client-side and server-side validation layers to ensure error-free and validated ship reporting. A vessel-specific standalone HTML form containing vessel-specific input constraints (eg. Max/min RPM, engine particulars, previous ROB etc ) is sent out to the vessel. The form allows smooth data entry on the vessel with alerts and validations to already avoid errors during entry onboard. Once the form is filled, the master can send us the encoded data and human-readable noon report to a dedicated email id with the click of a button.

vajra features

Voyage Analysis & Joint Routing Assistant is a lightweight offline HTML attachment which may be sent on email to vessels not having internet connectivity. VARJA provides multiple route options for any voyage with weather overlay and helps comparing major voyage performance influencers (ETA, speed, RPM, Consumption, max weather etc ) on different routes. It also visualizes weather on the move, i.e. showing vessel position & weather forecast at 6, 12 or 24 hours interval for the entire passage on recommended and alternate routes. By hovering the mouse over the map, a forecast for wind speed and significant wave height at any position for the selected date/time becomes visible.

route planner

The route planner helps in getting quick estimates in terms of ETA and fuel consumption for any vessel which is already enrolled in the BOSS system. It uses an AI-driven algorithm to generate the shortest route for the passage, hydrodynamic model of the vessel is used to provide realistic estimates for any vessel.


This feature involves the creation of a virtual fence according to a user’s defined set of geographical boundaries. Using the SAT-AIS tracking users are notified about their vessels’ exact position and if they stay within the defined boundaries, currently, BOSS’ geofencing provides the following monitoring parameters:

  • Speed Alerts: This allows the user to receive alerts informing the vessel’s speed and whether the set speed limits of the area are maintained.
  • Entry Alerts: The user will be alerted when the vessel enters the geofence boundary.
  • Route Deviation Alert: This involves monitoring a vessel throughout its journey, with alerts being sent if the vessel deviates off course.

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