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by BunkerMetric

BunkerPlanner – optimal planning for Bunkering and Procurement

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BunkerPlanner calculates tens of thousands of bunkering alternatives and selects the top 10 recommendations for each vessel and voyage. Annual savings of USD 30-60000 per year.

Streamline the fuel procurement work flow

Streamline the fuel procurement work flow, increases transparency, and coordination between your teams

Complex new fuels landscape

BunkerPlanner naturally extends to new fuel types and tri-fuel vessels




In BunkerPlanner all price information is available, such as fuel prices, port costs, barge costs, calling costs and costs for passing a canal. This means you a get a full plan for a vessel fully supported by costs for each recommendation.

ECA zones and canals

If your vessels are operating in ECA areas, this is also taken into consideration. BunkerPlanner calculates the best recommendation – but this function can be disabled by one click, then BunkerPlanner will minimize sailing time in ECA zones. The same function is available for canals.

Time Loss

An important factor which BunkerPlanner takes into consideration. As BunkerPlanner has the full overview of prices, we might suggest to take a more expensive bunker – but in the end the bottom line will be better, as you do not need to speed up by for example taking bunker in port, avoiding deviation or avoiding taking a second bunker call.

Commingling of fuels

BunkerPlanner has all the information about fuel tanks on board, such as the number of tanks and tank capacity. This is to avoid commingling of fuel.

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BunkerMetric is a Danish company specialized in advanced decision support for the maritime industry – supporting operators, charterers and and bunker managers in finding the optimal bunker planning and procurement.

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