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Cargo Heating Management Service

by Blue Water Trade Winds Private Limited

Thumb rules may not always work – Plan & manage cargo heating with Professionals

Cargo heating management services header

Why choose this solution

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Reduced Cost and Carbon footprints

Meticulous planning and monitoring of heating operations during the passage ensure that desired results are achieved optimally. The exercise helps reduce the bunker consumption on heating which in turn helps to reduce heating cost and emissions, benefitting the stakeholders and the environment.

No Additional Data Collection and Retrofitting

Vessel staff needs to report data recorded regularly onboard in the requested format. Moreover, it does not interfere with the structural system on the ship. Therefore, zero capital investment.

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claim settlement

We have a proven track record of the settlement of cargo heating claims pending for a long time, with zero disputes wherein the client billed the amount generated by our application. Pertaining services – Apportioned Cargo Heating Log preparation services clearly splitting cargo heating cost into owners and charterers account.



AIM OF THE Service

This service is targeted to reduce overall fuel oil consumption in cargo heating operations and also to reduce harmful emissions from long-running hours of the vessel’s boiler during these operations.
They were conceptualized and introduced onboard the vessels under a systematic plan, which was consistently observed and modified to maximize savings during cargo heating operations.

What initiated us?

1. Lack of Standard Operating Procedure regarding cargo heating management.
2. Absence of realistic fuel oil estimation tool.
3. Environmental concerns.
4. No Benchmarking of Cargo heating performance

How DO we deliver?

The Cargo Heating Management system is based on a simulation tool (e-Therm) that is modelled on a data set of over 5787 heating log abstracts managed by Blue Water. The simulation tool projects temperature drop and estimate fuel oil consumption in cargo heating by fitting empirical thermodynamic relations between the factors affecting the cargo heating and cooling ,using advanced regression analysis techniques. The plan generated by the software is vetted by experienced marine professionals before it is sent out to the vessel for implementation.

How does it help?

Apart from direct fuel oil savings on cargo heating, the service provides a number of indirect benefits namely:

  • Standard Operating Procedures and Planned heating schedules, helps to further streamline the activities on-board.
  • Better compliance with Charterer Heating Instructions.
  • Objective Monitoring helps to avoid any dispute arising due to over/under heating and invalid Boiler consumption on Cargo heating.
  • Reduction of the number of running hours of the steam plant
  • Reduction of man-hours on cargo heating operation
  • Systematic standard cargo heating practices assisting ship staff
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Enhanced owner-charterers relations
  • Periodic performance reporting of individual vessels and fleets greatly helps management in making informed decisions to check any negative trends.

human aspect

We cannot overlook the fact that the use and operation of any means of transport always involve human individuals and the shipping industry is no different. We truly understand the complexity faced by the seafarers on board. Below are some examples of how we address the above in our service

1.Start/Stop boilers during normal working hours
2.) No additional data collection.
3.) Supplementary heating instructions for safe/efficient cargo heating.
4.) Reduction in no. of heating hours corresponding to a reduction in man-hours.
5.) Avoiding cargo heating during adverse weather/HRA.

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