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COACH Solutions
Voyage Optimization

By Coach Solutions ApS

The complete solution for voyage optimization of your entire fleet – take full control over planning, budgeting and performing voyages.


Why choose this solution

Sustainability and profitability

Most advanced optimized weather routing algorithm taking both the commercial and sustainability aspects into consideration


Easy to implement, setup and use with high return on investment


Turns complex data into actionable insights, making sure your voyage has the most optimal speed in current market conditions



Constant Monitoring

We monitor each of your vessels continuously and we will inform you and the vessel if we observe any changes to your predicted optimized route. Our system automatically monitors if your vessels are on-ETA or on-consumption and generates an alert enabling you to take action in due time in case of deviations.

Full weather routing

We make sure your route is constantly optimized based on the latest weather forecast so you can take advantage of the weather on every voyage in real time. The live fleet overview allows you to see which vessels are not performing optimally or deviating from instructions so you can take immediate action.

Easy planning

With just a few clicks you can setup a vessel, create a route and active it based on your commercial preferences. There is no waiting time as everything is automated and when activating the voyage, the vessel will automatically be informed and given instructions of what route and speed to follow.

Voyage assessment and Environmental reporting

Immediately after the voyage has ended you will receive a voyage assessment report based on your charter party terms which can be used in claims cases. During the voyage you can monitor your CP performance in a live dashboard and create a voyage assessment report even before arrival. We collect and store your data in a structured and validated format. This allows you to automatically produce reporting for CII, IMO DCS and EU/UK MRV through COACH.


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