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An important tool to lower fuel consumption behaviour by providing real-time readings.

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Why choose this solution

Real-time fuel consumption data

Give the bridge team and onshore organisation real-time fuel consumption data. Energy savings can be achieved with the right tools and good implementation amongst operators.

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Automated reporting

Traditionally the fuel consumption readings and reports have been done manually and registered in noon reports sent onshore. Suitable for new-build and retrofit vessels with fuel reading.

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Provide consumption data for regulatory purposes

Developing ConnectFuel was prompted by a growing demand for instant fuel data, not only to monitor consumption itself but also to provide data for regulatory purposes, such as IMO’s Fuel Oil Data Collection System and the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification requirements.



Onboard Wireless Connectivity (OWC)

Data collected by connectfuel

Data collected by ConnectFuel is also transferred ashore by satellite and stored in the Cloud, where shore staff can view real-time consumption rates and extract and analyse the information gathered. If more specific data is needed – such as splitting main engine and auxiliary consumption, or information from individual engines – ConnectFuel can provide that if flow meters are fitted at appropriate locations in the fuel lines.

This screenshot is from a vessel with ConnectFuel installed. It is from a single-engine setup onboard a 2300ft stern trawler with a cargo capacity of 1403m3.

As there are very different propulsion systems on various ships, we are still testing and learning on the complicated multi-engine setups.


For the last half a decade, technologists worldwide have touted the promise of the internet of things to revolutionise maritime operations. The internet of things, or IoT, is simply a network of physical objects and sensors that have the ability to collect, store and transmit data. In our home lives, IoT technology has enabled us to connect everything from kitchen appliances such as cookers and kettles to heating and lighting systems and even our cars. Fully embracing the digitalisation of the maritime industry requires an interface between the physical equipment that exists on ships and the digital systems that are rapidly being adopted across the industry. The maritime industry also needs a wireless platform to utilise the great advances and applications of IoT technology. ScanReach enables access to data, with the aim to increase personnel safety, vessel performance and contribute to a more sustainable future in the maritime and offshore energy industries.

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plug-and-play applications

No cables are needed. Easy and effective installation in hours even while vessels are in operation. 


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