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By Chord X

The cloud-based emissions analytics and compliance reporting tool, bringing GHG-related data transparency from ship to shore, and everywhere in between. 

Why choose this solution

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High data accuracy and integrity

Capturing data from the source, at the component level, in real-time, meaning you can see exactly what’s occurring no matter where you are.

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Holistic view

Feet-wide visualisation of CII, reduction of GHGs, and total FOC. 

ESG compliance and reporting

Compliant with IMO and other governmental regulations by simply using our platform to monitor your fleet’s fuel and emissions.



About ecoMax

ecoMax is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution that provide users with vessel performance data, in real time, focusing on GHG-related emissions from the vessel. This data is analysed and processed, providing the crew and shore staff with real-time insights, while also maintaining a high level of data integrity.

Instant CII reporting

We can provide users with real-time CII tracking because all our data analytics is based on data captured from IoT devices onboard the ship and analysed. This can be either be done on the vessel or cloud-to-cloud. This data is also shared with the shore via internet connection and is stored in our integrated cloud storage, allowing you to have full access of your data.

A complete marine GHG reporting solutions

We are constantly expanding the variable inputs that have an impact on your fleet’s CII rating, going beyond the set criteria from IMO. Chord X currently also provides a machinery optimisation solution, optiMax. Users can also choose to subscribe both services, ecoMax and optiMax, and have the power of varying their operations parameters to satisfy environmental regulations.


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