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Holistic Condition Monitoring Services

by Kongsberg Maritime AS

Health Management is a suite of holistic condition monitoring services that leverages Kongsberg Maritime’s deep product knowledge and expertise to help our customers improve operational predictability and maintenance planning.

KONGSBERG’s Condition Monitoring Solutions are applicable for all vessels types.

Health Management header

Why choose this solution

Asset 237

optimize maintenance

Enhance maintenance planning and maximise availability.

Reduce risk of
Asset Ownership

Avoid unplanned maintenance, reduce operational disruption and resulting cost, and improve insurance rating.
Asset 215

Improve Sustainability Profile

Condition-based and Predictive Maintenance to minimise waste and maximise component life.



Uninterrupted Operations

  • Scandlines vessel M/V Copenhagen was operating in peak season when Health Management detected an early onset bearing defect on their Azipull thrusters
  • Product experts advised the crew to reduce the load on the affected thruster, but the vessel could otherwise continue operating
  • M/V Copenhagen operated without disruption throughout peak season
  • maintenance intervention planned for the scheduled off-hire event, with spare parts and service ordered in advance to allow efficient maintenance execution and minimising vessel off-hire time.

Medium Speed Engines

  •  Available for Bergen Medium Speed Diesel and Gas Engines
  • Available for a selection of Engines from other manufacturers.

High-speed Rotating Machinery

  •  Available for Kongsberg Maritime Propulsion machinery
  • Available for 3rd party Propulsion, Power Generation and Auxiliary Machinery
  • Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) regimes supporting sustainable lifecycle solutions
  • Predictive Maintenance through Thruster Remaining Useful Life (RUL)

Low-speed Rotating Machinery

  • Available for Kongsberg Maritime Deck Machinery and Motion Control equipment

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