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K-Sim Connect eLearning

By Kongsberg Digital

Cloud-based navigation, engine and cargo handling simulation applications for crew and operator training.

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Enhance your crew and operators’ skills through engaging and realistic simulation training. Compliant with the STCW’s requirements, our simulation applications enable self-study, repeatable exercises and assessment systems that promote competence, safety, and sustainability at sea.
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With 24/7 access, our cloud-based applications enable your crew the possibility to practice and improve skills anytime and anywhere. By using a PC with an internet connection, no hardware or travel to a training centre is required.


In a realistic and safe virtual training environment, the crew can practice strategies to improve fuel economy and emission reduction, and how to handle faults and incidents. They can also test, plan and validate routes or demanding scenarios, which are either too impractical or risky to train for in real conditions.



K-Sim Connect includes access to simulation applications, models, exercises and news


Through our digital platform, K-Sim Connect, we offer a range of cloud-based simulation applications for maritime education and training. Provided as subscription-based eLearning services, your crew can practice realistic simulation exercises anytime and anywhere. The solutions are provided with pre-made exercises. After completion, an assessment file can be downloaded to give personal feedback. Use the link further down on this page to explore our cloud-based offerings. Knowing the status and condition gives confidence and reduce the need for manual checking and uncertainty in automatic operations.


Empower your engineers to improve skills for daily procedures, emergencies and fuel consumption reduction. This eLearning solution enables you to provide realistic simulation exercises for your crew, who can practice anytime and anywhere. Through ‘learning-by-doing they will improve skills in every aspect of the complex behaviour of an engine room. The model library includes high, medium and slow speed diesel engines, gas turbines, diesel-electric, water jets and steam propulsion.
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K-Sim Navigation cloud-based training application


Empower your crew to improve navigation and ship handling skills, ensuring safe and sustainable operations at sea. With this eLearning solution, you can provide your crew with realistic simulation exercises enabling them to acquire and improve skills in manoeuvring different vessels and handling the equipment onboard, such as ECDIS, Planning Station and RADAR/ARPA. A library of ship models and geographical exercise areas, as well as ready-made exercises, are included.


Empower your students to acquire skills in every aspect of complex load and discharge operations. Our eLearning solution enables you to manage and distribute realistic simulation exercises to your students, who can practice anytime and anywhere. Through ‘learning-by-doing they will acquire and improve skills to perform safe, sustainable and efficient cargo operations in the future. The K-Sim Cargo model library includes a range of vessel-specific simulation models.


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