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KVH Watch

by KVH Industries

KVH Watch IoT Connectivity as a Service enables secure, 24/7/365 data connections for Vessel Insight and its IoT maritime applications plus remote monitoring and real-time intervention to optimize performance.

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Why choose this solution

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Dedicated IoT Connectivity

Dedicated connectivity independent of the vessel’s primary VSAT, for uninterrupted real-time data that can drive remote support, boost performance, and reduce costs worldwide

Remote on-demand
video support

Bring the power of action to your IoT and digital service data using Remote Expert Intervention. Transform your customer support, reduce service costs, and support real-time guidance to the crew, troubleshooting, inspections and surveys, and more.

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edge-to-cloud data

Take your IoT capabilities and digital services beyond the VDR with 24/7/365 edge-to-cloud data access from virtually any onboard sensor plus secure transmission to the cloud via KVH’s dedicated spacelink and global HTS network.



Global Ku-band HTS Network

KVH Watch delivers on the promise of IoT at sea, overcoming the geographic limits of cellular service and the slow speeds and high cost of services. Your vital IoT data, along with the ability to provide live remote support, are now affordably accessible worldwide, thanks to KVH’s Ku-band HTS network, a layered network with global speeds as fast as 10/3 Mbps and superior reliability.

Commercial-grade Terminal

The KVH Watch terminal supports multiple subscribers and any of the apps in the Kongifai ecosystem. The system includes a 60 cm commercial-grade VSAT antenna, a compact 2U rack-mountable Antenna Control Unit, and 1U-high managed switch for isolated access to each onboard system, it also includes dedicated Wi-Fi access points for the exclusive use of Remote Expert Interventions, and subscriber-specific Kuberetes software containers for isolated, secure processing.

IoT Connectivity as a Service

All-inclusive, no commitment, no maintenance costs. KVH Watch is the first and only IoT Connectivity as a Service solution for the maritime industry:
• Eliminate the need for CAPEX – no equipment to buy or install
• Zero installation and maintenance costs or responsibilities for the life of the subscription
• All this for an affordable single monthly subscription based on your data monitoring needs and on-demand Remote Expert Intervention use per hour

Remote Expert Intervention

Use Remote Expert Intervention to carry out on-demand high-quality video troubleshooting by your shore-based experts and the vessel’s crew over the secure KVH spacelink and the Internet. Designed with security in mind, when scheduling an intervention, the ship’s master receives an automated request for approval via email. Only invited participants can join, and they are identified with two-way authentication. Plus, Remote Expert Intervention activity is recorded and auditable.  


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