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Kyma Data Analysis

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Use your vessel data to gain insight and to improve performance

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Provide performance insights

Generated reports provide performance insights from vessel data by comparing key relationships in the data and through statistical analysis of logged data points.

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highlight actions

It provides the user with a tool to highlight actions required to raise ship performance and to assist in making decisions to optimize ship efficiency.


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compare the
day-by-day values

Compare and extrapolate predicted performance in tabular and graphical form, the day-by-day values of any data relation against a user-defined reference curve.



Get insight

From the data continuously collected on board from several sensors, the Data Analysis module allows the users to inspect, clean and model data available to get insights to increase the ship performance. The data is automatically collected and advanced filtering can be applied, increasing the transparency and accuracy of the models.

Collect and compare data

The Data Analysis module allows the comparison and data mining (statistical modelling) of the ship performance by comparing any variables, using the data collected on board from the relevant sensors. The Data Analysis Module generates reports, as required, based on these measurements, including graphical, numerical, and predicted values. It permits the user to take action to raise the ship performance and make decision to optimize the ship efficiency.

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Kyma AS is a well-known and preferred supplier of torque meters and ship performance monitoring systems. The company dates back to 1965 and was originally formed to provide specialist assistance in the tuning of ship machinery and control systems. The extensive experience gained through the early years made it possible to introduce expert systems for steam turbine plants and motorships. Since then several products have been introduced within the field of marine performance monitoring. Kyma has supplied over 7000 monitoring systems to vessels working within the diversified maritime industry.

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