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LNG quality planner banner

LNG Quality Planner

By Kongsberg Digital AS

Accurately plan the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) quality of your cargo to avoid the costly consequences of being outside contract specifications. With more options to estimate cargo quality, you can make use of every opportunity to work better, faster, and simpler. 

LNG quality planner banner

Why choose this solution

Maximize Opportunities

Predict cargo quality and see route possibilities for voyages instantly. Get a clear picture of the cargo quality evolution. Make the most profitable decisions every time with this flexibility in planning options.

Mitigate risk

Lower the risk of cargo quality that does not meet specifications. Stay in control and limit the need to involve third parties. 

Predict consequences

Accurately plan and calculate the potential consequences of reshuffling cargo events and destinations. Minimize effort and time. 




The LNG quality planner is available in the cloud anywhere, at any time. 
No need for time-consuming calculations. 
No need for third-party analysts (this typically takes a few days!) 
No need to dispose of potential trades to third parties. 

Now LNG charterers, ship owners, and traders can change plans on the go using a web application and estimate the cargo quality at several destinations instantly. Improve aging quality estimations. Reduce risk and maximize profits. Plan for success


Predict cargo quality throughout your voyages and benefit from Kongsberg’s LNG ageing model, made accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

Better – See the estimated route for the destinations of your LNG cargo and check the average speed needed to reach the destination within the time frame. Validate your options immediately. 

Simpler – configure your fleet and allocate plans to vessels. Insert the design Boil-Off Rate (BOR) to the ships and apply it automatically to plans. Also, get ship capacity automatically just by inserting an IMO number.  

Faster – insert and store terminal compositions to your terminals. This allows you to apply the composition to the planner for faster planning. 

review the quality

Add different cargo events and reshuffle these to review the quality at a destination. Compare the quality at multiple destinations without making time-consuming calculations. 

simple setup

Remove the need for manual data inputs. Drag and drop a document with your desired input composition to customize cargo details, or start from your terminal composition to make quick estimates. Export results straight to Excel and other standard formats. Convenient and easy to use. No third parties are needed. 

Flexible outputs

Check plan results at any point along the way. Key parameters like Wobbe, GCV, and others are adapted to the required units, temperatures, and reference pressures of your contractual terms.  

Standards applied: 

  • ISO6976
  • ISO6578
  • EN16726
  • PKI V1.2


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