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LNG quality planner banner

LNG Quality Planner

By Kongsberg Digital AS

The LNG Quality Planner allows cargo operators or traders to create precise, dynamic plans for their cargo. Change your plans as you go, and see estimated results for aged LNG instantly. Predict the LNG parameters like GCV and WI towards various destinations and check the quality against your contract requirements. This application gives you a full overview of your LNG. Ultimately this increases efficiency, reduces risk, and maximizes profits.
LNG quality planner banner

Why choose this solution

Maximize Opportunities

Compare the results of different opportunities, enabling you to make the most profitable decisions.

Mitigate risk

Lower the risk of cargo quality not meeting specifications, with costly consequences

Predict consequences

Easy calculate the consequence of reshuffling destinations.



quality planner

The LNG Quality Planner predicts cargo quality throughout your voyages. The application makes Kongsberg’s LNG aging model accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Not all voyages are feasible. When choosing the destinations of your LNG Cargo the application lets you see the estimated route and check the average speed needed to reach the destination within the timeframe. Enabling you to validate your options immediately.

review the quality

Different cargo events can easily be added and reshuffled to review the quality at a destination. It is also possible to easily compare the quality at multiple destinations.

simple setup

The app is convenient and easy to use. Manually inputting lots of data is now a thing of the past, just drag in a document with your desired input composition or even plan with a default. The app also allows you to export your estimated results right into excel.

Flexible outputs

The output of the planner can easily adapt the Wobbe, GCV and other parameters to the units and references corresponding to the contractual terms. Methane number calculator offered as a separate tool.
Calculations are done according to:

  • ISO6976
  • ISO6578
  • EN16726
  • PKI V1.2


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