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AI-based Predictive Maintenance, Condition-Based Maintenance, and onboard Energy Efficiency Optimization.

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Fuel Tracking
& Optimization

MarineInsight provides reports to track and optimize fuel and emissions. With ML and AI-driven Voyage Optimization, MarineInsight also assists your team with balancing fuel burn and time, reducing operating costs

value-driven reports

InsightHub’s hyper-accurate, automated report system provides answers that usually take hours each week to sort and compile. Reports are delivered to engineering, maintenance, compliance, and operations

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Advanced Solutions

ioCurrents uses patented Machine Learning and AI solutions to reduce operation failures. MarineInsight notifies crews and shoreside staff when equipment is trending toward a failure, offering proactive results




Failure Detection: Automated Anomaly Detection (AAD)

Each vessel has unique parts, equipment, and operating behaviors. The ioCurrents’ data science team applies true machine learning and artificial intelligence to look at each system and subsystem to detect anomalous behavior. Employing MarineInsight, crews and shoreside personnel will get proactive email and push notifications when the AAD system detects any equipment behavior that is trending toward a failure to give your crews more lead time to prevent system failures.

InsightHub: Automated Reporting System

Data visualization is a key piece to moving through the digitalization journey. When you have access to all your vessel data, what do you do with it? With your Vessel Insight subscription, you have access to the ioCurrents’ InsightHub, an automated reporting system that automates hyper-accurate reports based on your vessel data. These automated reports improve accuracy and free staff from sorting and building them. InsightHub reports focus on engineering, maintenance, compliance, and operations.


Voyage Optimization: Fuel and Emission Reduction

MarineInsight’s ML and AI creates a baseline twin of your vessel’s performance within a month. With this digital KPI twin, MarineInsight users are enabled to prioritize voyage cost centers like time, fuel, or total cost. By prioritizing total cost of voyage, one client recently arrived at port 8 hours early and used 7.2% less fuel.

Custom Energy Efficiency Optimization

The amount of power required varies drastically between operating modes. To track the energy demand on board, crews must take a granular look at the load required for each generator and the gen set as a whole. MarineInsight can set up custom alerts to detect when the fuel use is greater than the required power. When deploying Energy Efficiency Optimization, customers have seen a reduction of 40% fuel oil and extended maintenance by 60% resulting in an annual savings of $70,000.

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