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Meteomatics API

by Meteomatics

Highly accurate global weather and ocean data, all available through the same RESTful API. Providing standardised access to over 7 petabytes of data covering all timescales: historic, current, forecast, seasonal and climate.

Why choose this solution

The worlds richest weather and maritime API

Access over 7 petabytes through a single API endpoint, helping the shipping industry access the insights required to obtain comprehensive knowledge of weather & climate risk

Accurate, global available weather data

Meteomatics uses robust scientific interpolation and downscaling techniques to deliver the best possible answer to a user’s specific weather query. Available for any location (latitude / longitude), all of the time

Meteomatics RESTful API simplifies data access

Meteomatics’ API offers a solution to avoid transmitting large volumes of weather data, so that customers can easily specify exactly which data they need and have it delivered via their chosen format and to their chosen location



Rich and globally available maritime data

Meteomatics’ Weather & Maritime API includes many hundreds of deterministic and probabilistic weather and marine parameters, such as storm surges (output from Meteomatics tidal model) significant wave height, peak wave period, mean direction total swell, mean wave direction, wave height, mean wind waves direction, mean period total swell, mean wave period, mean wave direction (1st, 2nd & 3rd swell), mean wave period, significant height of total swell, stokes drift, ocean current, water temperature and many more.

Precision downscaling to enhance forecast resolution & accuracy

Meteomatics applies precision downscaling and calibration techniques to weather forecasting models, enhancing the maritime data along coastlines. These include synoptic observations, radar information, and satellite data collected from the world’s leading Met Services (including ECMWF, NOAA and other respected scientific institutions), leading to a unique, high-resolution, global, historical, real-time, forecast, seasonal and climate timescale weather delivery capability.

Meteomatics performant architecture retrieves the latest forecast very quickly

Meteomatics Weather & Maritime API removes the complexity of handling and processing weather data that are often large in volume and are delivered in a range of bespoke data formats. Meteomatics unique meteo-caching capability retrieves the most up-to-date forecast data very quickly, enabling the global maritime industry to leverage the value of weather data and bring new or enhanced products and services to market faster. Utilising a range of intelligent data services such as route queries, provide weather forecast along the ships route at the time its required, optimising data volumes and weather insights.

Restful API provides ease of use and supports intelligent queries

Meteomatics’ Weather API can be combined with every major type of environmental data to make it more useful. Meteomatics’ API also offers a solution to storing large volumes of weather data, so that buyers can simply and easily specify exactly which data they need, and have it delivered via their chosen format and to their chosen location. Meteomatics’ Weather API is compatible with a wide range of open source data connectors and data formats, such as CSV, R, Matlab, Python, C++, Golang and many others, plus its Web Mapping Service allow users to build cool visualizations, all using the same API endpoint.

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