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By METIS Cyberspace Technology S.A.

The ultimate vessel performance analysis platform powered by AI which empowers shipping companies to optimize operation, reduce cost & ensure compliance.

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Optimize Performance

METIS enables you to understand the actual performance of your vessels, identify the potential deficiencies and help you to optimise performance, reduce FO cost and operate in accordance with the charter party agreements.

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Finetune Maintenance

METIS enables you to be proactive by identifying abnormal operational trends of machinery equipment, fine-tuning maintenance activities and minimising unplanned vessel downtime.

Ensure Compliance

METIS uses real-time vessel data to help you manage the Emissions metrics (CII, AER, MRV, DCS) for you fleet proactively. The platform provides actionable information and predictive insights while generating all the required documentation.



Voyage Analysis

METIS provides detailed analysis for all past or ongoing voyages on a per voyage, trip, or leg granularity. METIS imports all related information through interconnection with the ERP or any other system (e.g. email) and provides detailed metrics and KPIs that enable executives of a shipping company to evaluate the performance, identify the areas of concern, perform route cause analysis, quantify the effect and be able to make justified decisions in order to optimize the vessels’ operation.

Charter Party Agreement Monitoring

Address the challenge of continuously monitoring vessel performance while ensuring conformance to the Charter Party Agreement. Identify speed/consumption discrepancies and take corrective actions if needed. Negotiate realistic CPA terms and fend off unreasonable claims with concrete evidence.

Total Route Optimization

One of the most useful tools of the platform which enables to identify the optimum route based on weather routing analysis and the optimum speed profile as well as to predict fuel consumption and ETA for the chosen route/speed/draft combination considering the current, actual performance of each vessel (ME, Hull & propeller, etc.).

Total Emissions Management

A comprehensive set of tools to help shipping companies manage their environmental impact and achieve their decarbonisation goals while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Comprises of three distinct but related applications providing, monitoring, analysis & reporting for CII, AER, MRV & DCS.


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