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Machine learning and AI transform data into visualizations for decision-makers.

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Why choose this solution

meaningful ROI and
CO2 reductions

Operate your fleet more efficiently, resulting in increased profits and productivity, fewer bunkers consumed, and less CO2 emitted each year.

A high quality, stable and sophisticated product

Orbit has been in use since 2017 which means it is high quality and stable. Orbit has managed thousands of voyages, and billions of data points.

Integrates with your existing systems

Orbit is designed to integrate multiple systems, workflows, data feeds and reports in a unified interface with one login. 



Rich and globally available maritime data

Empower you and your teams to take action when it matters most. Map filters and heat maps let you compare your ships to where competitors are positioned regionally and globally, by size and segment. Visualizations reveal where your competitors’ vessels are positioned, their current ETA’s, activities at port and their most likely next destinations, improving negotiating positions. Make your port calls more efficient with visibility into traffic and activities at thousands of ports, terminals and berths.

Orbit Comply: Sustainability & IMO Reporting

Using voyage-specific data and sensor data from Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight, Orbit Comply automates IMO and EU compliance reporting, and provides both ship-board and shore-based staff alerts, notifications and dashboards to illuminate fuel consumption, vessel performance and CO2 emissions. The emission scorecard reveals the EEOI and carbon footprint of each voyage.

orbit reporter

Easy-to-install, browser-based tool that sends reports from the ship directly into backend systems. Reports are pre-populated with sensor data values from Vessel Insight: Ship’s crew reviews, edits and sends. Reports are customizable to suit your workflow.

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