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Vessellink Platform

By LAB021

VessellinkTM provides powerful and convenient software, marine-specific data and analysis functions required for the shipping industries. A 24-hour intelligent system monitors the safety and efficiency of the fleet and provides an optimized alternative to responding to environmental regulations.

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Why choose this solution


Automate repetitive tasks so the ship and shore managers can free up time for more valuable work. In addition, an intelligent system that never sleeps monitors the system 24 hours a day so that the vessel can be operated safely.
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Continuous Improvement

Vessellink provides a variety of functions from vessel safety, efficiency, and regulatory response through one platform. And we support innovation in the maritime industry through continuous function updates every quarter.
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Powerful AI and analysis algorithms analyze and provide information necessary for decision-making rather than simple prediction.



Fleet Safety

Vessellink provides prevention-focused vessel safety management. A system that never sleeps keeps your fleet safe 24/7. And through data-based training, continuous safety improvement activities are possible.

Fleet Efficiency

Automatically analyze the energy efficiency of hundreds of ships and manage non-performance. Ship energy improvement activities can be continued by using the collaboration tool between the ship and shore office managers.

CII Optimal Solution

The CII Optimal Solution not only updates the ship operation efficiency required by the CII regulations daily, but also analyzes the ship speed profile that can achieve the maximum operating profit that satisfies the target efficiency rating for the year.

EU MRV & IMO DCS Compliance

The EU MRV, IMO DCS solution automatically creates the reports required by EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations based on the noon report prepared by the ship crew and data can be directly transmitted to the THETIS-MRV system by linking with a third-party verification agency.


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