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VesselMan simplifies today’s way of running projects across a fleet. The platform facilitates collaboration by involving the right resources at the right time throughout the project’s life cycle. VesselMan is cloud-based and is easy to implement and there is no installation needed – either at the vessel or in the office.

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Why choose this solution

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Digital management

VesselMan is built on standard processes which means that everyone follows the same plan. The management will be able to have a good overview of all projects, and the superintendent will have better control over cost and progress.

easy to use & Implement

Users will be notified when there is an upcoming task or there is a delegated task or activity. For the management, you will always have full control over the bottlenecks, and the superintendent will always be on top of all upcoming tasks. 

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cost savings

Cost and time savings based on better planning will potentially have a big effect on your off-hire period. Also, building the specification will save you a lot of time, as well as doing progress updates at the yard. Remember – time is money!




Vesselman makes technical projects such as dry-dockings, mobilizations projects, refits etc. more accessible, more sustainable and enables good cost control and reduces time spent on the biggest cost drivers. It is a cost-effective alternative for complex and expensive maintenance projects.

Digital format

The solution is designed for flexible configuration and the use of “best-practise” which guarantees a scalable, flexible and secure solution. We take today’s manual processes into a digital format to gather all the projects phases in one place. With Vesselman, the superintendent can assign tasks to the right resources and document the progress throughout the project.  

keep track of all projects in one place

Vesselman will simplify the process by involving the right resources throughout the project, rather than gathering all the information before the project starts. This will reduce the amount of email, excel sheets and tasks in many different channels, and keep track of all projects in one place. In addition, you will have a historical overview of all previously completed projects, as well as make use of learning that has been done on previous projects. 

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