New collaboration agreements with IDS, Exebenus and Sekal will optimize business processes for customers within drilling and well construction.

Intelligent Integration. Optimized Operations.

Having full control and ownership of your data throughout the entire drilling and well construction lifecycle is key to eliminating siloes and providing unprecedented visibility into your daily operations. With these new partnership agreements, information available during drilling and well construction operations will be taken to a new level in one secure, integrated, cloud-based ecosystem.

Better decisions

SiteCom® from KONGSBERG is a data aggregation and visualization solution designed to allow distributed teams to make drilling and well construction decisions based on the most up-to-date information without compromising data quality. This helps to prevent the chance of any non-productive time.

Enhanced level of decision support

The solution IDS provides, allows further expansion and integration of real-time and reporting data, which traditionally have been in siloes and operated in isolation. The convergence of traditional reporting data and right-time analytics from IDS coupled with the SiteCom solution offers a greatly enhanced level of decision support during planning, operation and after action reviews.

Strengthening your risk assessments

At a wellsite, the Exebenus solution provides an automated, real-time assessment of the safe operating window for all downhole equipment. It continually compares actual and planned activities, reports deviation from plans, presents the safe operating window of the BHA, and generates warnings before the safe operating window is violated. The solution strengthens operational risk assessments with automated controls and desktop virtualization of well operations. It also includes an analytics module that can assist in failure analysis and performance enhancements.

Powerful performance optimization

Sekal’s solution combines the extensive real-time data accessed through SiteCom and the real-time modeling capabilities of DrillScene® to create a powerful, new set of performance consoles. This will drive drilling performance optimization and help operational teams achieve more effective hole-cleaning and improved wellbore stability.

Collaboration is key

At KONGSBERG, we believe increased collaboration is the key to driving business forward, for ourselves and our customers alike. We look forward to further collaboration with new and existing partners in the time to come.